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Bucks Unlimited Real Estate is a full-service real estate brokerage built on honesty, integrity and trust. We provide comprehensive real estate and investment services all across the Mid-West including:


Agricultural/Farming/Hunting Property

With Bucks Unlimited Real Estate's knowledge of the local market and experience, they can help you buy or sell rural property. Bucks Unlimited Real Estate LLC can provide real estate services for clients . This includes; working as the Buyer’s Agent, working as the Seller’s Agent, listings, public auctions, sealed bid auctions, farm real estate investment analysis and 1031 exchanges information.


Commercial Real Estate

At Bucks Unlimited Real Estate LLC, our top priority is helping our clients with their real estate services and investment needs. We listen. We leverage our market knowledge. We think creatively and strategically. We use our comprehensive real estate expertise to deliver the results you expect.

Residential Property

Bucks Unlimited Real Estate LLC, is a full-service residential real estate company serving the residential real estate needs of the Kansas , Oklahoma and Missouri. The Bucks Unlimited team has the knowledge and dedication to help you find the home of your dreams. The staff is professional and insightful, with the goal of building long-term, lasting relationships.

The Bucks Unlimited Residential team can help you find the property wanted or needed, and provide solutions for the buyer and seller to initialize and finalize a business deal. Throughout the entire process, the Bucks Unlimited Real Estate Residential team is dedicated to providing the very best possible service to all clients, through experience and expertise in this ever-changing real estate market.

Land Management Services

A full service land management company, including land management consulting, food plot placement and planting, bush hog mowing, tree stand placement, tree services, corn feeder placement with maintenance, and camera placement with maintenance. An agronomist and wildlife manager are on staff.


Services For Buyers And Sellers


Bucks Unlimited Real Estate LLC strives to be your one stop shop and helpful resource for all of your real estate needs. If you are considering selling a property we are here to help you through that process. Getting your property ready to sell, properly pricing your property, marketing your property and negotiating the selling real estate commission are among the top factors to consider when you are deciding to sell your property.

We offer a Free Market Evaluation to help determine the proper listing and selling price of your property. We will actually come to your home for free with no further obligations. Another factor to consider is that you must get along with your Realtor®.

You will be working with this professional very closely and there must be honesty, integrity, trust and good communication in order to arrive at a successful closing. Want to learn more about real estate Selling services or just have a question?


Bucks Unlimited Real Estate strives to be your one stop shop and helpful resource for all of your real estate needs. If you are looking for a property to purchase, we are here to help you through that process. Maybe you have already located the property that you are interested in or maybe you need help finding just the right property. Give us a call to make the process easier.

There are a lot of details to consider, including: size of home, listing price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, style, age, acres, garage space and condition, among other details. You may need to look at several properties before you discover what it is you are really looking for. Whatever situation you are in, we are here to help, please give us a call. We can also offer you buyer representation at generally no cost to you.

Drone / Aerial Photography Services

We offer professional drone services for those projects that require an eye in the sky. No project is too small or too large.


Looking For A New Career?

Are you looking for a new and exciting challenge or adventure? Maybe you are retired, retiring soon, or just plain tired and ready for a new and exciting challenge.

My name is Mark Buck. I have been in education for 32 years and ready for a change myself! I started out as a junior high science teacher and then to a high school science teacher. I have coached football, basketball, track and tennis. I transitioned into administration and was a grade school principal, middle school principal and now superintendent. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved what I have done for 30 years but, now I am ready for a change or at least another exciting challenge.

Twelve years ago, I decided to dabble in real estate and became a real estate agent selling over $1,000,000 in real estate part time and …